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  • The global team at Dynamic Suspensions is here to provide you with the best of vehicle suspension systems and fabricated steel products.
  • Whether it's your work vehicle and optimum load carrying capacity or a mining truck that runs day and night in the harshest conditions, fully laden, or towing the family vacation home, we have the solution for you.

Dynamic Suspensions USA

  • We are the premier supplier of suspension components for 4 Wheel Drives, Pick-up Trucks, Trailers (Semi and Small Box) and Light Commercial Vehicles.
  • We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations through innovative approach and product development through ethical business practices only.
  • Our manufacturing arm is an ISO 9001:2008 certified producer of automotive and fabricated steel products.
  • Automotive suspension products, being ‘safety’ products are among the most critical components in a vehicle. It is therefore imperative that the components are manufactured as per specific requirements and standards so as to ensure proper handling characteristics and impart durability to the vehicle’s suspension system.
  • Our associated manufacturers, have experience of over 60 years in manufacturing and exporting vehicle suspension and fabricated steel components worldwide.
  • We are geared up to meet the growing requirements of the automotive industry.